What is Kratom Powder and why would someone use it?

The most popular questions that we receive from new customers are; What is Kratom Powder and What are the Benefits of Kratom Powder?

What is Kratom Powder?

Kratom Powder is the powder form of Kratom. This powder can be ingested on it’s own, or with juice or tea. Kratom has been used for years as an analgesic to treat chronic pain, especially muscle pain. It has also been known to improve one’s mood and help with increased production. Kratom has been dated all the way back to the 1800s in Southeast Asia, where it is used medicinally.

What are the Uses and Benefits of Kratom Powder?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “At low doses, kratom acts as a stimulant, making users feel more energetic. At higher doses, it reduces pain and may bring on euphoria. At very high doses, it acts as a sedative, making users quiet and perhaps sleepy. ” Because of the versatility of Kratom Powder, our customers use it for a variety of different reasons.

While one person may use Kratom Powder to get that extra boost of motivation and energy before their workout at their gym; another person may use a higher dose for chronic pain relief. Kratom Powder has also been reported to help users with Anxiety Relief and for Depression Relief. Recently there have been reports of people using Kratom Powder as a way to wean off of opioids. The benefits of Kratom are endless and continue to grow as more people adopt this traditional Asian powder into their daily lives.

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